Customers opinions

“With ComunicaHair I don't have to worry about anything, I know that they will get the best publications so that my brand continues to grow. Appearing on magazines has a direct impact on my billing, my clients are proud that I am a benchmark in terms of advice and trends. "
Felicitas Ordás
Felicitas Hair director
“I have had the collaboration of ComunicaHair for some years now, which has meant a brutal change in the difusion of our collections. He would define them with three adjectives: close, competent and committed to the hairdresser. "
Gonzalo Zarauza
Centro Beta founder
“It has been a great success to choose ComunicaHair and trust to them my communication. Now my brand is much more visible. They are professionals who support and care for creative hairdressing. I look forward to work with them during many years. "
Manuel Mon
Manuel Mon Estilistas director

“Seeing all that I have experienced professionally this last years I think it's hard to beat. It was so incredible that I could never have imagined it. ComunicaHair gave me the opportunity to give visibility to my work with which I have managed to reach professional magazines around the world in the form of covers, interviews ... In addition, they have accompanied me in the development of my artistic career, advising me at all times . "

“Starting to work with ComunicaHair has meant a before and after in my projection as a personal brand. I had wanted to take a step forward for a long time and the experience has exceeded my expectations. To position yourself it is necessary to invest in communication. "
Pilar Zaragozá
Eos|Men and Eos|Women director
“I had never before worked on the communication of my brand in a professional way and the result has been spectacular: in a few months I have achieved goals that I could not even imagine! Furthermore, ComunicaHair stands out for its human qualities and its loving treatment. "
Mª José Llata
Llata Carrera Peluquería director

I am really impressed by my notoriety since I started with ComunicaHair and its end-consumer brand Cabello Experience! More and more collaborations and opportunities are generated thanks to my repercussion in the media. ""

Journalists opinion

“Having a PR agency which specialises in creative hairdressing, and facilitates the connection between professionals and the media, has not only meant an injection of self-esteem and projection for the hairdressers but also promoted excellence and prestige. Without doubt, they are a winning ticket, serious and reliable, willing to give everything for this industry and its leaders who are none other than the hairdressers.”
Pilar Roldan
Beautymarket.es editor-in-chief
“There are many talented hairdressers who deserve the opportunity to show their creations on international platforms. This is exactly what the agency ComunicaHair offer. When we look for images for a special theme, they make every effort to find the content we need. They are very professional and it is fantastic to collaborate with them! ”
Barbara Mueller
Coiffure Suisse editor-in-chief

““ComunicaHair knew how to reinvent the concept of a communication agency within a sector such as hairdressing. There was a need for a successful project like theirs: committed to the profession; methodical, consistent and super effective; made with love; and a sincere consideration about even the smallest of details and all this defines them as people”